Signs school was not great: missing the teachers more than the classmates.

My school life was turbulent at best. I was generally wandering between two groups of acquaintances who hated each other most of the time. I think I handled it quite well, when they staged interventions during lunch break to shout/cry at each other across a classroom then I hid in the library attempting to reduce the level to which I was failing my ludicrous number of A-levels, and I never got too close to either group so I was generally excluded from the tension. I’m not going to go into why no member of each group was ever considered more than an acquaintance throughout seven years of school, because that is a long, dull, repetitive story of being disappointed and being trodden on to the extent that I gave up on these people altogether in the final year at that godforsaken institution.. That is another story for another (probably alcohol-fueled) blog, another day.

I was however very fond of some of the teaching staff there, and some days I would like nothing more than to appear unannounced in their teaching room and wave my degree certificate at them shouting “Look, I actually amounted to something!!”, but then they would ask what it is that I am doing with that piece of very, very expensive paper and then I would slam myself into reverse and run away whimpering. The fact I managed to weave my way through all of the obstacles my brain threw in my path and actually achieved that piece of very, very expensive paper is something I am extremely proud of, but my job ambitions change several times a day so I never have the motivation to devote my time to one cause, and therefore it is rather difficult to do anything worth noting.

I will do something creative. Sadly that is the full extent of the consistency of my many ambitions. Today for instance, I simultaneously want to devote my entire life to writing, photography, painting, drawing, baking, cake decorating, and something to do with sewing that I can’t think of a single word for.

So I am doing pretty much all of them. All at once.

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