Know your quirks.

Everyone is unique in the way their brains work. Everyone has different aspects of their personality that they have to learn to work around and everyone approaches this task is a different way, and everyone takes different amounts of time to figure out which parts of themselves they have to keep an eye on.

I am not allowed to make decisions of any magnitude in September or October. As a teenager this was the time of year I would develop my new annual infatuations. At seventeen I was desperate to leave school in favour of bumming around doing sod all. At eighteen I was determined I would not go to Uni because I was rejected by my first choice institution. At nineteen I was too stressed to think, so I beat myself up and (sometimes literally) and convinced myself I was being used to get back at someone. At twenty I decided to spend almost all my money on tights,and then decided I needed hamsters. And most recently at twenty-one I decided that I needed to run away from a new life because my mum’s house is safer.

I warn the people around me when that season comes around, but every decision I make is more genius than the last and I somehow feel that each one is an exception to the “no decisions” rule and that I should go through with it.

You never know, I might actually listen to me next year…

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