A spoon full of sugar

IMG_8984Today’s post is about nice things. Nice things like my tiny christmas tree, complete with tiny tinsel and tiny baubles (pictured to the right), and the way that the whole world suddenly improves when there is a dog asleep on your feet. And cake. Cake is a very nice thing.

I love listening to my mum hoovering the carpet. The sound effects involved consist of equal parts singing made-up tunes and asking the dog to move. Whilst writing this mum has accused the dog of being passive-aggressive for her sabotage attempts (standing on the cable of the hoover) and now the dog has sulked her way back into the living room to resume her nap by the fire.

I like most of the things my mum’s dog does. I like how she tries unsuccessfully to wrap herself in blankets, I like how she squirms around like a mad squirming thing to scratch her back, I like how she fidgets so much in her sleep that she falls off her chair… Dogs are just wonderful.

As far as the cake of happiness goes, this evening I’m making some coconut and raspberry cupcakes so I can feed my favourite cake to some of my favourite people and spread a little bit of happy about the place.

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