I only cried in public once, today.

I was in the shopping centre in town with my mother. My mind has blurred the events leading up a little…we were walking by some benches in the aisle between shops and I caught sight of someone I used to know a long time ago – not a particularly pleasant individual, so I shall say no more than that. There was a defined smell of cleaning products in the air and my mind was wandering in an attempt to determine a cause for such an aroma other than to remove an undesirable puddle, but I was brought sharply back to reality by a fox-like screech from behind me as a father attempted to startle his inattentive child upon exiting one of the shops. 

I ran, for just the briefest of moments, my mind blank but for the cries of profanity emanating from the little man in my head whose pondering had been interrupted so unpleasantly. I felt my heart racing, I felt my mouth dry, I felt my pupils widen as the world became horrifically bright and loud and fast. I looked to my mum who was making some sort of passing comment on the noise and the next thing I knew I was lost in a frantic torrent of people knocking my shoulders and arms as they passed, a choir singing something indistinguishable, and the relentless chatter in all directions. 

I turned back, desperately seeking my safety and so very thankful to see her only a few paces behind. She took my arm in hers and I looked to the ceiling in an attempt to keep the tears that now filled my eyes contained in their proper location, but this effort proved fruitless as we walked briskly out of the crowd and into our destination. People stared. I felt somehow unclean and uncomfortably warm. A quiet corner filled with socks and fluffy distractions restored my composure, and our day was resumed.

…this has been my first attempt to adhere to the “Weekly Writing Challenge“. Hope it was tolerable!

And as for my personal challenge, three good things about today:
1. Encountering James Blunt’s twitter – many ungraceful attempts at stifled laughter were exhibited
2. Fairy lights, and lots of them
3. The Christmas centipede making its annual appearance at my grandparents house

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  3. standinginthestorm
    Dec 17, 2013 @ 19:05:04


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  8. Jeni
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 17:26:20

    “… I looked to the ceiling in an attempt to keep the tears that now filled my eyes contained in their proper location.” <– perfect, perfect, perfect


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