Happy not-christmas-anymore!

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas!

Mine was lovely, with good company, good food, and thoughtful gifts. We went for a walk in the early afternoon whilst the large dead thing was roasting in the oven and let the dog run wild and free in a sheep field for a bit. The festive meal was very successful thanks to my lovely chef, and the evening was filled by naps and card games.

Boxing day was fine to start with but fell rapidly off a cliff when my brain decided it was not having this “happy” business and left me vacant for all daylight hours. There has however been a sweet reprieve this evening, and I’ve finally emerged from my fortress of fluffy hair and enormous hoods and back into the real world of lovely people and hazelnut brownies and crackly fires.

And now it is wine time, because a wise person once told me that I am not grumpy, I am just wine-deprived.

Three happies for today:
1. The unfathomable patience of my wonderful partner in life
2. Tiny dots of sheep in the distance
3. Sympathy from somehow understanding canines

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