Magic beans.

This is a post written in a rare bout of blind optimism, and I can make no promises that it will actually become reality..

Tomorrow I have a follow-up from my last appointment with a mental health nurse. Tomorrow I am going to agree to medication. I am going to let them write me a prescription, and I am hopefully going to fill it. And then I am hopefully going to take a pill to make me better.

I have still yet to find an umbrella to shield me from the ever-present rain cloud above my head and it is turning into a storm covering far more than just myself. I am blindly hopeful that I might be able to ingest a tiny little pill despite my tremendous fear of the side effects, and that little pill (not just the one, obviously, I’m not that optimistic) might enable me to take the ones which will give me my future back.

Inability to see a future in which you exist is not a very desirable way to live.

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  1. tdawneightyone
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 01:22:11

    No it’s not. I’ve been there. Good luck tomorrow.


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