Something in the air.

I have an enormous dislike for the month of January. I can feel the germs in the air circling their prey (me) and can seem them crawling about on anything I try to eat, and therefore I spend pretty much the entire month unreservedly suspicious of everything I encounter. The two redeeming qualities about January this year are that I do not have to go and sit in a room full of coughing people for any length of time, and that the media have been oddly quiet about any winter illnesses going around.

I am very much an outsider at the moment, skirting around the edges of life without delving too deep so I can avoid interacting with people unless absolutely necessary, and therefore minimising my contact with whatever undesirable microorganisms someone might be harbouring. I don’t like entering buildings, that kind of goes without saying, but even outdoors there are places I either won’t go or that I will run past whilst holding my breath because I saw something suspicious once upon a time. Like a drain that overflowed once somewhere along a dog walking route, or an open bus shelter with a stain on the floor I can’t explain convincingly. This interference makes life in winter a bit complicated and a bit frustrating – not least for my poor boyfriend who I have hardly gone near for four days without sterilising myself afterwards – but that is the nature of the beast that is OCD.

But regardless of the fact I am refusing to touch people or eat things or leave the house or whatever else, I am still here, I have not ran away, and I am somehow staying reasonably calm, especially in relation to this time last year. Maybe the medication is working?

Aaand some things I’m grateful for today:
1. The sun came out to hopefully dry up some of the floods
2. Chocolate cake (yep, somehow still some left!)
3. Lovely messages from people far, far away

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