Intoxicated blogging is a bad idea.

Today I started a therapeutic dose of antidepressants.

Today I also went to the pub down the road and had too much to drink with my mum. 

When used infrequently, alcohol can teach us things. It can unlock emotions we had hidden and feelings we didn’t know about. It enables us to get closer with people than we would normally do – both of which I have achieved today – but intoxication can also be a sign of recovery.

Tonight I had three glasses of wine, and I did not erupt into paranoia. There are an uncomfortable number of people out there who can confirm that alcohol makes me paranoid and scared and irrational. But today I had more than usual, and I am feeling almost completely normal. I’ve tested this a few times since starting these pills, and have now concluded both that I have calmed down and that the medication is working.

It would appear that the days of me literally running out of bars in fear of everything and nothing are behind me, and this is a massive, huge jump of progress and I couldn’t be prouder!

This has been an enthusiastic blog written under the influence of some very nice wine, and with a lot of love in my heart.

The world might not be so bad after all.

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