Balance restored…for now.

thanatosviii:this is my cat his name is bandit feel free to use this reaction photo which ever way you want

Good grief last night was odd.. A few disturbing hallucinations later, normality appears to have resumed. Unless you count my Tumblr blog which spawned a load of cat pictures in the middle of the night. I’m now hoping that my brain doesn’t decide to repeat last night as I have to be out in public this evening, but if it does happen than it will just make life a lot more interesting for everyone else in the restaurant – who wouldn’t want their dinner to be interrupted by some girl lying on the floor holding onto her head so it doesn’t fly off and muttering about cats?

I can tell you now, prescription medication has officially put me off ever taking recreational hallucinogens. If this is the legal stuff that doctors encourage then I am in no rush to find out what the stuff on the streets does.

Right. Enough of my mumbling, Happy Friday all!

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